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Aaron, Blake     

Abair, Mindi       

Albright, Gerald
Check out G-Stream 
, EP. Terrific!🎶🎷❤ and
NOW G-Stream 2🎶🎷❤ 
Andrew, Vandell

Antoine, Marc   

Beasley, Walter 

Benoit, David    

Benson, George

Braun, Rick        
Brecker, Randy.
Lastest album Double Dealin' grammy nominated with Eric Marienthal🥂🎶🎷🎺!! 

Bromberg, Brian

Broening, Michael 

Brown, Norman  

Brown, Paul       

Butler, Jonathan

Carlton, Larry    

Clark, Stanley    

Cole, Steve       
Colinonne, Nick
 Rest in Peace NC who passed away January 1, 2022 😥.  Gone but will never be forgotten..
Briian has a new album out Triology, Part 1, Red. It is wonderful!
🎶❤🎹plus Part 2, Blue equally as good!🎶🎹❤ TRIOLOGY COMPLETE! Part 3 White is out now🎶🎹❤  BRIAN NOW ON TRIOLOGY TOUR!!!!!!!  

Darius, Eric        
2022 Awarded Rehoboth Beach Jazz Festival Artist of the Year.  CONGRATS 👏 👏 ❤❤!

Di Meola, Al      

Dulfer, Candy    


East, Nathan      

Elliot, Richard     
Richard's new album is fantastic...Authentic Life is so great!🎶🎷❤


Garfield, David   

Geith, Chris        

Groove, Euge      

Grusin, Dave     

Hancock, Herbie

Harp, Everette    
  Gabriel Mark     

Hawley, Adam   
Adam has a great new album out Risin' Up.  Check it out!


Ingala, Vincent  
Vincent has a great new album out Fire and Desire...check it out!  

Jacobs, Randy   

James, Bob       
July 23rd, 2022 at 7 am EDT, livestream concert for Ukraine 🎶🎹❤️

James, Boney   

Karukas, Greg     
 Loving everything about Greg's Serenata album.  Amazing solos!🎹❤🎶
Katumwa, Isaiah  

Kenny G            

Klugh, Earl         

Koz, Dave          
Two great albums, A New  
Day and with Cory Wong The Golden Hour.  Both terrific!❤

Lington, Michael
A wonderful duet album by Michael, Alone Together.  It is so great!

Logan, Aubrey   

Lorber, Jeff         

Space Time Jeff's new album is great!❤

Mangione, Chuck

Marienthal, Eric  

Congratlulations on Double Dealin' nominated for a grammy along with Randy Brecker.  It is terrfic!  🎶🎷🎺🥂❤!!

Matsui, Keiko     

Mason. Harvey  

McBride, Joe     

Metheny, Pat      

Miller, Marcus
Montano, Ryan
Neu, Andrew
New big band album in vinyl is fabulous...Catwalk!❤🎶🎷
Pressley, Leon

Rahn, Darren    

Ramirez, Cecil  

Rest in Peace CR who passed away November 10, 2021.  Gone but never forgotten.  Will miss his Sundays with Cecil.😥🎶🎹❤

Ritenour, Lee    

Roundtree, Lin  

Sanborn, David

Saisse, Philippe 

Scott, Kim         
Her album SHINE has been topping the Billboards...her flute playing does shine🎶❤!
Scott, Tom         
                                     ALSO HAS A PODCAST❤

Simpson, Brian 

All That Matters is a great new album by Brian.❤🎹🎶👹

Waters, Kim      

Whalum, Kirk    

GREAT PODCAST HUMAN BEINGS WITH KIRK WHALUM whereever you get your podcasts❤.  in case you didn't know, Kirk's son is Kyle, guitar player for the award winning Kelly Clarkson show

White, Peter      

Wong, Cory      
The Golden Hour with Dave crazy good with the amazing orchestra❤❤! 

Checkout Grammy nominated Jackets XL.  They will be appearing in person and livestreaming from Keystone Korner in Baltimore June 3-5, 2022!